What to buy dachshund lovers

What to buy dachshund lovers - 10 unique gift ideas for sausage dog fans

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Dachshund Lovers

Dachshunds (also known as sausage dogs) are known for their kind and loyal nature so it is no surprise that the Dachshund is one of the most popular small dog breeds in the UK. As well as being affectionate and loyal, these little dogs have an average height of just 20-27cm and this could explain why we are a nation of Dachshund lovers! But, aside from accessories for their dog, what should you buy for Dachshund lovers as a gift? Well, as a sausage dog lover myself, I have compiled a list of my top 10 unique gift ideas for sausage dog fans…

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5 Fun Facts that will make you a Dachshund Lover 

Maybe you are more of a cat person? Or perhaps you prefer a bigger German Shepherd to a little sausage dog? Choosing a gift for a Dachshund lover will be much easier if you share (or at least understand) their sausage dog love. Before we jump into my 10 unique gift ideas for sausage dog fans, here are a few fun facts, to help you to understand the dachshund lover in your life.

1. Dachshunds don’t know they are short! They have huge personalities and always want to be included, despite their small size sausage dogs won’t be ignored.

2. There isn’t just one type of Dachshund - they come in many varieties. There are two Dachshund sizes (standard and miniature) as well as three different hair types (smooth, wirehaired and longhaired) and Dachshunds also come in a variety of colours, so there is a sausage dog for everyone!

3. Celebrities including Adele and Kylie Jenner love Dashchunds and so did Queen Elizabeth II - if sausage dogs are good enough for a queen, they are definitely good enough for me!

4. The name Dachshund comes from the German word meaning “badger dog” because hysterically, Dachshunds were used to hunt badgers, with their short legs and long bodies allowing them to enter the badger's burrow if required.

5. The oldest living dog is a miniature Dachshund called Funny.

Now that you understand the appeal of these little dogs and you can relate to the Dachshund lover in your life, you will find it much easier to choose a unique sausage dog gift.

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10 unique gift ideas for sausage dog fans

When thinking about gift ideas for a Dachshund lover, your first thought might be to choose an accessory for their sausage dog. My top 10 unique gift ideas for sausage dog fans will help you to choose a gift that the Dachshund lover in your life can use and treasure, instead of choosing a gift for their dog.

What to buy Dachshund Lovers - Personalised Dachshund Gifts

When it comes to giving a gift, you can’t beat a personalised Dachshund gift to make your loved one feel really special…

1. The number 1 gift that you can get a sausage dog fan is a Personalised Dachshund Mug! Everybody loves a nice mug for their morning cuppa and a mug is a practical gift that you can be sure will be used and treasured by the Dachshund lover in your life. At Larchmill, our most popular sausage dog gift is our Personalised Dachshund Stretch Mug!

stretch dach mug

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2. If a personalised Dachshund mug isn’t the right choice for the Dachshund lover in your life, consider opting for a personalised Sausage Dog Ornament instead. These ceramic star Dachshund Ornaments can be personalised with the name of the recipient’s Dachshund and make a unique decor piece to hang on the wall or loop over a door handle.

dachshund personalised ornament

What to buy Dachshund Lovers - Practical Dachshund Gifts

You can’t beat a practical present...

3. If you have opted to give your Dachshund lover a personalised Dachshund Mug, why not complete the set by adding some Dachshund Coasters. Another practical but quirky gift idea for the Dachshund lover in your life, with the sausage dog design being uniquely sold by Larchmill.

dachshund coasters


4. Sausage Dog Socks (not Larchmill!) - need I say more?! We all wear socks most days of the year, so choosing Sausage Dog Socks for the Dachshund lover in your life is a practical but fun and quirky gift. For a slightly larger gift for the Dachshund lover, fold up your Sausage Dog Socks and pop inside your personalised Dachshund Mug.

sausage dog socks


5. Another practical gift that you could get for a Dachshund lover is a Sausage Dog Notebook (again, not Larchmill!). If the Dachshund lover in your life is a stationery addict, then you are on to a winner with a Sausage Dog Notebook

sausage dog notebook

What to buy Dachshund Lovers - Decorative Dachshund Gifts 

If a practical gift isn’t the one for your Dachshund lover, perhaps something more decorative...

6. A personalised dog treat bag would be the perfect gift for any Dachshund lover - all dogs love treats and this bag is a perfect way to keep your pockets crumb free!

7. Depending on the season that your Dachshund gift is for, a Dachshund through the Snow Ornament makes a wonderful festive gift. The ornament can be hung on a Christmas tree or displayed around the home to simultaneously spread the Dachshund love and festive cheer.

Gift festive Dachshund decor!

8. The final decorative Dachshund gift is a Dachshund soft toy decorative ornament (not Larchmill). A lovely sausage dog gift, this soft toy ornament can be displayed by the recipient on a table or bookcase, or could even join you on the sofa! 

sausage dog soft toy

What to buy Dachshund Lovers - Anniversary Dachshund Gifts

Anniversary gifts are always a tricky one, but instead of choosing wine or chocolate, if the couple are Dachshund lovers, then a Dachshund gift could be the perfect unique gift...

9. A Dachshunds in Love Ornament makes a quirky decor item for the Dachshund lovers and can be personalised with the name of the couple and also the date they tied the knot!

Treat a Dachshund loving couple to a personalised Dachshunds in Love Ornament.

dachshund in love ornament


10. If you like the idea of the Dachshunds in Love design, you could also gift the Dachshund loving couple a personalised mug with the same Dachshunds in Love design! 

dachshund in love mug

The Ultimate Guide to Sausage Dog Gifts

From personalised mugs to socks and Christmas ornaments - there is a whole sausage dog world out there. I hope that my 10 unique gift ideas for sausage dog fans has provided you with inspiration for what you can gift a Dachshund lover. It would be great to hear if you have any other sausage dog gift ideas - let me know your favourite Dachshund gifts in the comments!

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Our full Dachshund range is lovingly hand drawn by Mad Little Artist and printed exclusively by Larchmill. 10% of profits on all Dachshund products are donated to Make 2nds Count.  


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