The Ultimate Gift Guide for Camping Lovers

The Ultimate 2022 Gift Guide for Caravan and Camping Lovers 

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Gift buying can be a tricky and time-consuming task and one tip to get started is to find a passion or hobby that you can brainstorm gift ideas around. For example, caravanning and camping are becoming increasingly popular options for holidaymakers in the UK, even more so in recent years with the rise of the staycation. This passion for caravanning can be a great starting point for your gift shopping. As a motorhome lover myself, I know how much a personal gift relating to my passion for travel is appreciated. To help inspire you to find the perfect gift, I have drawn on my motorhome enthusiasm and experience to pull together this ultimate 2022 gift guide for caravan and camping lovers…


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Sustainable Gifts for Caravan and Camping Lovers

With COP26 bringing home the need for climate action now, there is a growing focus on finding sustainable alternatives and the caravan and camping industry is no different. Eco-friendly camping and caravanning accessories are a growing trend in the motorhoming world and this is likely to increase even further in 2022, making a sustainable gift the perfect present for the campers in your life.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Caravan and Camping Lovers

  • Ditch the single-use coffee cups in favour of a Travel Mug

  • To help your loved one keep their brew warmer for longer, opt for a Personalised Flask

  • Support your camper to reduce waste with a refillable Water Bottle 

personalised flask


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Practical Gifts for Caravan and Camping Lovers 

Space is at a premium in a motorhome and every item needs to have a function, so items that can have multiple uses make the perfect practical gift for a camper. From the humble spork to a foldable straw keyring, there is a whole world of multifunctional motorhome accessories out there that would make the perfect gift for the caravan lover in your life.

Another 2021 trend likely to continue into 2022 is the use of tech over traditional methods to make the camping experience more comfortable. If you have a larger gift budget, camping tech could be the way to go, such as a wireless GPS tracker or motorhome TV.

image showing inside a motorhome

Momento Gifts for Caravan and Camping Lovers

For some people, camping offers a chance to escape the world alone or with a partner but for others camping is about spending time with loved ones and group camping trips are increasing in popularity, particularly amongst younger campers. If you have an upcoming trip planned together or have been on group camping trips together, a memento of your camping experiences, such as a Personalised Adventure Ornament, is a lovely personal gift for camping lovers.

Adventure Gifts for Caravan and Camping Lovers

Chances are, if your loved one is a passionate camper, then they are also a lover of adventure. What better gift for a camping lover than an experience that they can enjoy during their next adventure. For many campers, their camping breaks involve a whole host of adventurous activities, from hiking and horse riding to fishing and kayaking. If you are looking for something different, treat the camping lover in your life to a session of an activity that they would like to try or something you know they will love, to enjoy during their next camping adventure. An adventurous experience is a particularly great gift idea for camping lovers that already have everything they need, so don’t want a physical present.

One of the reasons why camping is such an amazing holiday option is because of the flexibility having your own motorhome brings. There is no need to book somewhere to stay, you have the freedom to take spontaneous trips whenever you fancy. For the adventurous camper, items such as a Flask are a great gift that can be grabbed and filled with coffee for a spontaneous trip.

Gifting Caravan and Camping Lovers a Bit of Adventure

Not all motorhome enthusiasts go camping for a sense of adventure, for some of us, it is a chance for some peace and quiet to get stuck into a good book. As I mentioned earlier, we have seen a huge increase in staycation holidays and for many of us, we have been holidaying more locally than ever before. For camping lovers who like to holiday locally with a cuppa and a good book, a cushion that they can snuggle up to could be the perfect gift. This Motorhome Cushion not only provides comfort but also adds a bit of adventure, making it the perfect gift for caravan and camping lovers.


motorhome cushion

Finding the Perfect Gift for Caravan and Camping Lovers

If you have a caravan or camping lover in your life, finding the perfect gift can be made easier by focusing on their passion for motorhoming. Opting for a gift relating to their love of camping and caravanning is a great way of finding a personal gift to show your loved one how much you care. Whether you go for an eco-friendly gift, something practical, an experience or an adventurous gift, the caravan and camping lover in your life is sure to love it because of the thought that has gone into choosing a gift that relates to their passion.


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