The Power of Gifts for Entrepreneurs

The Power of Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Article by Maya Vertigans from Worsley Creative Services.

A recent survey found that entrepreneurs in the UK work an average of 50.5 hours per week, in comparison to the UK average of 37 hours a week. This culminates in the mental health of an estimated 660,000 entrepreneurs being negatively affected because they do not have the work/ life balance they desire. With entrepreneurs struggling to balance the demands of running a business with maintaining a social life and protecting their mental health, giving a gift to the entrepreneur in your life could be really powerful. Gifting is the perfect way to show solidarity with the entrepreneur in your life, to give them a little pick me up and show that you are there to support them. 

the power of entrepreneur gifts, supporting entrepreneurs

This article will explore the power of gifts for entrepreneurs and provide inspiration for choosing the perfect entrepreneur gift, including: 

● Uplifting Entrepreneur Gifts

  • Mindset gifts - affirmation banners
  • Quirky but practical gifts

● Business related gifts

  • Entrepreneur gifts - acrylic social media salon signage
  • Entrepreneur development gifts - wealth accelerator planner

● Supporting 2 entrepreneurs for the price of one!

The Power of Gifts for Entrepreneurs - Uplifting Gifts 

With 60% of new businesses closing down within their first 3 years of trading, being an entrepreneur can be highly stressful and at times it can feel as though everything is against you and your business. An uplifting gift can be the perfect present to motivate and inspire, as your loved one navigates the twists and turns of their entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneur Mindset Gifts - Affirmation Banners 

 “Positive affirmations are uplifting statements that are read or listened to frequently” (Matters of my Mind).

Positive affirmations can help you to feel good about yourself and your life and fight off the limiting beliefs that stop you from reaching your goals. With the majority of small business owners and entrepreneurs working alone, affirmations can play an important role in helping to create a positive mindset, helping you to stay motivated to achieve your goals. Affirmation banners with positive affirmations such as “She believed she could, so she did” are the perfect entrepreneur gift and can provide a visual reminder to keep going when things get tough.

positive mindset affirmation banner


Entrepreneur Gifts - Quirky but Practical Gifts 

As an entrepreneur, sitting working from home all day, I go through a fair few cups of tea and coffee. Choosing a quirky mug is another practical gift idea for entrepreneurs - after all, everybody likes a cute mug! This Today is Full of Possible Mug is not only really unique, but also includes an affirmation for a little uplifting mindset boost. Alternatively, coasters can also make a great practical entrepreneur gift. Choosing a coaster which incorporates the entrepreneur’s favourite animal into the design, such as these Dachshund Coasters, is another uplifting entrepreneur gift idea to make the recipient smile.

dachshund coasters today is full of possible affirmation mug

The Power of Gifts for entrepreneurs - Business Related Gifts 

Entrepreneurs can be difficult people to buy gifts for, particularly if they are spending 50 hours per week working and their work is their passion, it can be hard to find something that they will appreciate and use. Instead of trying to find a gift to fit into other areas of their life, why not choose a business related gift for the entrepreneur...

Entrepreneur Gifts - Acrylic Social Media Salon Signage 

If the entrepreneur in your life works at a beauty salon or hairdressers, acrylic social media salon signage could be the perfect gift. Gifting social media salon signage means that the entrepreneur will have a little piece of you with them at work everyday, and your gift will also help them to grow and expand their business. Not only is the signage stylish, it can also help the entrepreneur to grow their social media presence and connect with their customers to keep them engaged and coming back.

acrylic social media signage entrepreneur gifts

Entrepreneur Development Gifts - Wealth Accelerator Planner

Although, for some entrepreneurs their business also has a wider purpose, the central aim of most businesses is to make a profit, after all this is what puts food on the table and allows entrepreneurs to continue doing what they love. A Wealth Accelerator Planner could be a great practical gift for entrepreneurs, to help their money to go further, so that they can work less and regain their desired work/ life balance. The Planner helps you to create your own bespoke financial plan, including reflecting on previous months/ years and also creating your financial goals.

wealth accellerator planner entrepreneur gifts

Supporting 2 Entrepreneurs for the Price of One with your Entrepreneur Gift 

When looking for the perfect entrepreneur gift, consider purchasing your gift from another small business. The recipient, as an entrepreneur themselves, will no doubt appreciate the sentiment of their gift supporting another entrepreneur. As well as supporting another entrepreneur and helping them to put food on the table, small businesses can also provide a more personal gifting experience and offer personalised gifts. Plus, you will be able to find unique and quirky entrepreneur gifts, rather than the mass produced items found in large chain retail stores.  

The Power of Entrepreneur Gifts 

With entrepreneurs spending an average of 50 hours per week working and this resulting in poor mental health for many, giving a gift to the entrepreneur in your life can be a powerful way of showing your support. Whether you opt for a business gift, to help the entrepreneur to grow and scale their business or increase their finances, or an uplifting gift to help them stay motivated when the going gets tough, these have been my top entrepreneur gift ideas. Whatever you decide to buy, purchase your gift from a small business and support 2 entrepreneurs for the price of one whilst also finding a unique and personal gift!

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