How otterly amazing!

We have another World Day today ... this time its the Otters turn!  Its a day to raise awareness on the dangers faced by these wonderful creatures and how to protect their natural habitat.  You can find lots of Otter information here 

I've only once seen an Otter in the wild, when we were travelling in Scotland, just by Kylesku Bridge over on the West Coast. It was totally mesmerising!  Do let me know in the comments if you've ever seen one in the wild.

So its safe to say we love Otters at Larchmill and so do our customers!  If you are looking for a unique, personalised otter gift, maybe our Otter mug would fit the bill.  This design is one of our bestsellers and we love seeing the personalisations that you request.  Just like our badger design, we have 3 style of Otter mug and all of them unique to Larchmill, designed by Mad Little Artist.

Here are a few of our most popular Otter items ...
pencil drawn otter printed on white ceramic mug  white ceramic mug printed with black ink otter drawing and can be personalised on the reverse
square greetings card printed with 2 otters facing each other with a heart inbetween.


The whole range of otter gifts can be found here  

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