Do you know an Angel of the North?!

Angel of the North

Have you ever driven past the Angel?

Daft question if you're from this neck of the woods but having a conversation the other week with some southerners (you know who you are!), I was surprised how many people hadn't seen it.  For me, whenever I see her, I'm either going on a road trip (if she's on my left, although she's easily missed if you're going South), or I know i'm about 20 mins from being home sweet home if I can see her in front of me!

Who do you know that would appreciate a Geordie Gift?

Our Angel of the North Mug is such a popular gift, any wording can be printed on the wings (as long as it fits!). We've had some pretty random personalisation requests, but the most popular wording is "Eeh Good Luck Pet!"   You also have 5 colours to choose from.  This would make a great Geordie gift, a best friend birthday gift, the perfect new home gift, or just a treat for yourself.  We also have a matching card, which you can find here.

The Angel of the North is a pretty impressive structure.  It was completed in 1998 and designed by architect Antony Gormley OBE.  

If you'd like to read more about the making of the Angel of the North, this article is worth a read. 

Random fact!

Did you know the wings stretch for 54 metres, that's wider than a Boeing 757 aeroplane!  It weighs 200 tonnes ... but the concrete piles that keep it in place weigh a whopping 500 tonnes!




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